Kiwi in perfumery

The kiwi in perfumery

Like the majority of our fruits and despite all the good intentions in the world, it is currently impossible to collect an essential oil or an absolute from the kiwi to make a perfume. And yet!

The delicate fruity and tangy scent of kiwi makes it an ideal raw material for light or fruity fragrances, totally in tune with the times. The creators have thus worked on the synthesis to obtain, thanks to the esters, a kiwi note reminding one to pick up on the tangy and green fragrances of the small fruit.

The beautiful story of our summer scents and kiwi

In recent years, the great trend in perfumery has been to create summer fragrances, light and vaporous variations of classic perfumes or even total creations designed and composed only to diffuse evanescent and refreshing summer wakes.

The kiwi note is therefore particularly suited to this trend because as green as it is fresh, it goes as well with beautiful and large flowers as with precious fruity notes. However, perfumes with notes of kiwi are relatively rare and essentially feminine, which does not prevent great houses and famous perfumes from displaying this pretty note in their perfume compositions.

In floral-fruity notes, the kiwi note is either in the top note or in the heart note depending on the perfumers' choice of associations. We find it of course in Aqua Allegoria - Tutti Kiwi by Guerlain but also associated with water fruits and musks in So by Oscar de La Renta or even in Amour d'Amandier by Nina Ricci. and “Ralph Cool” by Ralph Lauren.

Recently the kiwi note also made a remarkable appearance in the top note in the so pretty and famous ALIEN Sunessence Edition Or d'Ambre by Mugler where the oriental blends for a summer with fruity, sparkling and solar notes to offer its amber in a lighter way.

Thus, the kiwi note is rare but precious. It knows how to appear in the most beautiful juices and at the right time, where its flavors and fragrances will be best highlighted. The kiwi note has even made some remarkable appearances in summer masculine fragrances such as in the woody-aromatic Cool Water Deep by Davidoff and more recently in L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Summer 2013 by Issey Miyaké and Ibiza Playboy ”by PLAYBOY.


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