Clementine Düfte

Citrus clementina Other names: Algerian Tangerine | Citrus Smells
Parfüms mit Duftnote - Clementine | Duftprofil: Mandarinensorte ohne Kerne, bekannt als Weihnachtsmandarine, süß und saftig.
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SKU: Cinéma

SKU: Cinéma

WEINGUT: Yves Saint Laurent

Duftnoten Kopfnote Clementine, Mandel, Alpenveilchen Herznote Amaryllis, Jasmin-Sambac Basisnote Ambra, Vanille, weißer Moschus Mit Kino vergleichen


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Clementine Citrus x clementina is the fruit of a variety of tangerine cultivated around the Mediterranean and in South Africa. It is believed to be a cross of orange and tangerine. The tree is vigorous but is ideal for those with limited space as it can be maintained like a small bush while bearing plenty of fruit. Clementines are generally more densely foliated than some other varieties with long, pointed leaves. his furit is oblate and of medium height. The exterior is dark orange in color with a smooth and shiny appearance. Clementine easily separates into eight to fourteen extremely juicy segments. They are remarkably easy to peel, like a tangerine, but lack the acidity and seeds of the tangerine. Clementine is not always distinguished from other varieties of tangerine: in German it is usually called mandarin, and in Japanese, mikan. Clementine is sometimes called Algerian mandarin.