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Kumquat in perfumery

Kumquat, the small fresh citrus fruit from Asia

The citrus family is certainly one of the oldest olfactory families in perfumery. Perfumers are therefore in constant search of new raw materials which would give a touch of fantasy to this family as imperial as its Eau!
The small kumquat shrub (also called fortunella), native to Asia, is therefore potentially quite suitable to meet the criteria of lovers of citrus scents. This tiny tangerine grows on fruit shrubs that can be seen in our French regions. If you consume your skin like its fruit for its sweet and fragrant delicacy, kumquat essential oil has many virtues, including that of being particularly fragrant!
The kumquat or fortunella comes in different varieties and has of course developed hybrid forms of its qualities to mix with the orange (Orangequat) or even the lemon tree (Limonquat). It would seem that the little golden citrus fruit as its name means, has many olfactory facets to highlight!

Citrus fragrances and new raw materials such as kumquat

In addition to the perennial orange trees, lemon trees, bergamots or grapefruit, citrus fruits that have been known for centuries are making their appearance in the top olfactory notes of our perfumes. Thus the exotic touch of mandarin and the deliciously Asian favors of yuzu or kumquat are turning the heads of our fragrances of the moment.  
Both feminine and masculine citrus fragrances certainly remain the best-selling, especially in the summer season. However, certain colors must evolve, in particular because the hesperids are particularly volatile… The kumquat thus makes it possible to propose notes of head to new hesperids which will release suave and sweet perfumes.
Today the kumquat is present in most of the citrus subfamilies such as the floral chypre citrus, the aromatic citrus, the woody citrus and the spicy citrus. It is thus very well represented by the perfume of Marc Jacobs Splash - Kumquat created in 2012 which offers both obviously citrus tones but also aromatic and even floral tones!

Obviously, therefore, the kumquat is not necessarily only related to the hesperidae family. In 2004, oriental-woody “Boss Intense Shimmer” opened with top notes of ozone, spices and… kumquat! Sparkling and original, Hugo Boss's mixed juice opened up new avenues for kumquats. Ten years later, the kumquat explores a new genre by appearing in the top note accompanied by red fruits on the beautiful floral-fruity Dalia of Salvator Dali. This is to say if the little kumquat can be exploited and highlighted by many olfactory facets in order to offer our perfumes ever more surprising fruity or acidic accords!

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