Cacharel pour l’Homme, seduction is part of the journey

Cacharel pour l'Homme, seduction is part of the journey
Cacharel pour l’Homme, seduction is part of the journey

Cacharel pour l’Homme is a monument in the world of seduction. All the personality of Cacharel pour l’Homme lies in this over-dosed nutmeg note which immediately appears at the top. This fragrance is very subtle, elegant and sensual. In addition, its class is timeless and this fragrance from 1981 is still totally up to date. It is a call to travel and this eau de toilette combines the world of nature and that of adventure better than any other. It is a call to escape and invites us on a journey where man is master of the situation.

Cacharel pour l’Homme, an invitation to travel

If the bottle of Cacharel had to find its place in a place, it would probably be a desert, in the hollow of a sand dune. Cacharel pour l’Homme is presented as an invitation to travel. It gives impressions from elsewhere and adventure is the main subject of this fragrance which depicts a Cacharel man full of contrasts, combining audacity and elegance. It is a scent of burning, intrepid and refined freshness. It offers a multi-sense seduction, as reflected in the successive advertising campaigns centered on the theme of travel. In addition, the bottle takes the shape of the flask of adventurers’ whiskey. Like many Cacharel perfumes, Pour l’Homme transfigures the reality of the world to imagine and create its own stories. More than a perfume, it is a real olfactory passport. It makes you want to live your desires for elsewhere and for the unknown to the end. With him, the desire to take up challenges takes us suddenly. Man is then in search of the unique and the authentic. As a man of his time, the Cacharel man projects himself all the better into the future because he is in solidarity with the past. Like a modern-day Christopher Columbus, he is introduced to new sensations.

The dominant nutmeg in one of the first Cacharel perfumes

This perfume was created in the 80s and 90s, a period when Cacharel perfumes became a sure bet. Pour l’Homme is dominated by nutmeg used here in over-dosage. It then joins with citrus notes like bergamot. Similarly, lavender and clary sage are also part of the game and bring their dazzling tone. Its heart, meanwhile, is very spicy. It is accentuated by pepper, cloves and carnation. It is also associated with the transparent flowery of lily of the valley or hedione. Finally, cedar and vetiver woods express themselves and bring depth and hold to the whole. This Gérard Goupy fragrance is part of the spicy fern family. He is very emotional and particularly singular. The authenticity of its raw materials gives it a real personality. Too,