Tom Ford Bitter Peach Perfume Dupe

This smells like the best peach dessert ever! Sweet ripe peaches, a smidgeon of alcohol, a lot of patchouli, delectable warm spices, woods, and some fresh grapefruit to give it a kick at the beginning. What a work of art! Longevity is fantastic; it remains in the hair much longer (2nd day I can still smell it). It does not have the aroma of ice tea. This smells more costly than ice tea. It must be better! Because this child is EXPENSIVE. You must like peaches and patchouli to enjoy this. As with any fine gourmand smell, this is an excellent choice for private evenings.

Tom Ford bitter Peach Dupe

As a huge lover of TOM FORD perfumes (and the rest of the company), I wanted to share my thoughts.
You will be charmed if you appreciate gourmet and delicious peach.

It starts with a juicy peach burst, fairly sweet with a faint “artificial” edge.

As soon as you open the container, it smells like Haribo delicious peach candy.
Unfortunately, this “opening” is just temporary. (approximately 10 seconds) A delicious feeling follows, which lasts for 10/15 minutes.
The perfume fades rapidly, leaving a gentle and very linear aroma on the skin.

Bitter Peach by Tom Ford

This is a reasonably sweet, not overpowering, but somewhat “plastic” and, in my view, much too sweet/gourmand.
The sillage is intense, and the duration is extended.
When I bring up the drying again, it is really rapid and odd…
Peach, blood orange, and ylang ylang? Tonka, patchouli, and white florals…
Is it all too sickening? It is up to you to decide.
As evidence, this Bitter Peach perfume dupe smelled like Angel by Mugler or a specific Kilian “potpourri”…
A scent that is much more feminine than masculine. (I can’t imagine myself smelling the peach.)

The result is an intriguing if unusual, a perfume that is extremely close to the skin and fairly linear.
Although this Bitter Peach smells wonderful, I will not be adding it to my collection.
Do you want to smell the peach sweet for over $300? Mmmm… No, thank you.
Also, it was too sweet/gourmand for my taste, and TOM FORD’s little-known “risk-taking” did not persuade me.
Bitter Peach did not leave me with a “Wow” sensation either!!

The syrupy side gives a “sweet” edge to the overall flavor that will not satisfy everyone.
Let us not blame Mr. FORD for this, but I get the sensation that his masterpieces have been harmed for some years…
Do you like the fragrance of peach sweets and wish to smell like it? Take a chance.
Do you get nauseous when you smell peach candy? No need to worry, since the price of this Bitter Peach has us mistaken for pears.

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