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Bamboo in perfumery

Bamboo, this exotic reed

Although it has adapted perfectly well to European gardens, bamboo remains an exotic reed for us. If it is possible to obtain a natural bamboo extract for the use of cosmetics, the bamboo notes are reproduced in perfumery in the laboratory, in a synthetic way. Bamboo is widely used in cosmetics because it has a high absorption capacity. It sets colors wonderfully, reduces lipstick exudation and increases the volume of mascaras. Thanks to the bamboo sap, which has an alkaline pH, bamboo is the ideal ally of aqueous creams. In perfumery, the exotic reed offers green tones, fresh, but also woody and aquatic. It will therefore be found in many compositions, both male and female.

The bamboo note and its association in perfumery with olfactory families

Thanks to the freshness it gives off, bamboo will essentially integrate aromatic, citrus and floral scents. We discover it in Eau Torride by Givenchy, a citrus-aromatic. Here, bamboo is positioned as a top note, alongside bergamot, lemon and tangerine for an ultra fresh effect. Bamboo will also be found in Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana, a floral-fruity where bamboo is in the middle note, accompanied by jasmine and rose. Another floral-fruity where bamboo offers all its freshness is Rose de Courrèges, by Courrèges. Here, bamboo is in the top note alongside peach and grapefruit. Bamboo can nevertheless be found in woody scents such as in Habit Rouge Sport by Guerlain. For this masculine fragrance, bamboo appears as a top note,accompanied by rose berry and orange. It then offers its green and humid freshness.

Originally from Asia, bamboo has managed to adapt to our gardens. Also called exotic reed, bamboo is widely used in cosmetics for the many properties it offers. In perfumery, the bamboo note is represented in a synthetic way. Thanks to its fresh, woody and aquatic scents, bamboo is very popular in aquatic, citrus and floral essences.


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