Empire Perfume – Taboo Tobacco

Empire Perfume - Taboo Tobacco
Empire Perfume – Taboo Tobacco

At a time when tobacco is frankly criticized, both by consumers and by the medical field, Parfum d’Empire is making a daring and daring choice by using this ingredient as the basis of its latest fragrance which bears the unequivocal name of Tobacco Taboo .

However, the latter did not always have such a negative image. Gainsbourg always said it: “God is a smoker of Havana” ! Likewise, it was once widely used in ancestral rituals. So, it is a challenge certainly courageous but no less justified that it is launched Parfum d’Empire by wanting to put tobacco in the spotlight.

Parfum d’Empire offers us new olfactory sensations

Tabac Tabou opens with soft, penetrating scents full of richness. The first impression is very pleasant and, if you feared finding in this fragrance the unpleasant smell of cold tobacco, then rest assured we are far from the account. From this bottle emanate smells of fresh hay and tawny savannah. The delicacy of the narcissus is added to this very pronounced mixture. Likewise, the green sap, the white flower and the leather sublimate its already very characterful scent. Its fragrance and its color of syrupy honey give us the impression that it would have gilded in the sun, a bit like the way we dry tobacco leaves.

Tobacco Taboo Perfume Extract
Tobacco Taboo Perfume Extract

These unique ingredients make it a scent of great rarity that will appeal to the initiated consumer. At the same time particular and very appreciable, it will join in October 2015 the great family of the classics of Parfum d’Empire. Like a grand cru, the house will produce it each year in limited quantities and each bottle will be marked with its vintage. Thus, Tabac Tabou promises to play in the big leagues and its rarity risks making it a highly sought-after fragrance.

Tabac Tabou takes us to the origins of perfume

On the other hand, if tobacco is currently at its lowest in popularity, it has not always been so. Before the arrival of Christopher Columbus, all Indian peoples used tobacco to heal the sick, have visions or purify souls. The smoke was then a link between heaven and earth. Often used during rituals, it made it possible to come into contact with the gods and had an almost magical appearance. By proudly wearing this scent, it is therefore a bit like bringing with you a little spirituality and a lot of history. Moreover, the word “perfume” takes its origin from its ancestral volutes. Originally, it was called “Per Fumare” in Latin, which literally means “By the smoke”. Thus, Tabac Tabou returns to its origins. Tobacco gives a new and timeless class to this fragrance. Whether it is exquisite for some or disarming for others, one thing is certain: Tabac Tabou will not leave you indifferent. Then, everything is a matter of taste but you will not be able to deny its originality.

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Olfactory Family: Oriental – Fern

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