For Her Rose Musc by Narciso Rodriguez

For Her Rose Musc by Narciso Rodriguez
For Her Rose Musc by Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Rodriguez puts the Orient in the spotlight with its new Rose Musc fragrance

The news has just fallen and promises to delight fans of perfumery and more particularly those of Narciso Rodriguez. In addition, this prodigy of creativity has just developed a brand new perfume dedicated to the fairer sex and named Rose Musc. It is an oriental revisited in its most precious and powerful facet, sewn of noble materials and resulting from a know-how of excellence. After the success of its For Her perfume , the new Rose Musc already promises to meet all your expectations, leaving behind each woman a particularly bewitching trail.

The elegance of the rose according to Narciso Rodriguez

If Narciso Rodriguez chose to develop a fragrance called Rose Musc, it is quite simply because the rose is a symbol of absolute femininity. It perfectly embodies poetry and is thus present in many perfumes. A true star in the feminine perfume department, the rose is a legendary ingredient that Narciso Rodriguez wished to honor here. In addition, since ancient times, the rose has fascinated, inspiring many legends, multiple writers and countless perfumers. What is more, it is a rose from Morocco that has been selected. In other words, Rose Musc draws its inspiration from the Middle East and invites us to travel. It highlights the best scents in the world and plunges us into an absolutely unique olfactory universe. Undoubtedly, Rose Musc has enough to arouse a real olfactory love at first sight,

The continuation of an already known collection

Rose Musc also appears to be the successor of Musc Collection. Nevertheless, it remains very different from the latter and has its own personality. Particularly oriental, it is aimed just as much at a population coming from the East as from the West. What’s more, the rose is also a popular flower among men in the Middle East. In this sense, Rose Musc is as pleasant a fragrance for women as it is for men. Thus, it only becomes more effective in terms of seduction.

The other ingredients in Rose Musc

If the Moroccan rose absolute appears from the top notes of this perfume, its heart, for its part, is filled with musk. Thus, Rose Musc displays a particularly sensual, almost erotic and animal side. On the other hand, its background turns out to be particularly luxurious. It contains one of the most expensive spices in the world, also called “red gold”: saffron. This one is still heckled by the presence of black pepper. Woody tones also give more elegance and character to this set. In addition, the woody notes of Rose Musk are dominated by cistus, also paying homage to the Middle East. It all ends with a vibrant hint of patchouli. Rose Musc is then presented in a bottle with golden reflections and emblematic of the Narciso Rodriguez brand.. Undoubtedly, it is a particularly elegant fragrance in every way.