Guerlain – Habit Rouge L’EAU

Guerlain - Habit Rouge L'EAU
Guerlain – Habit Rouge L’EAU

When modern elegance becomes Habit Rouge is born Habit Rouge l’Eau

In 2011, Thierry Wasser and the venerable perfume house Guerlain demonstrated to us with Shalimar Parfum Initial that revisiting great classics by modernizing them even for decades could be a work of great success, as long as we are faithful to the spirit of the original perfume.

The same year, the great Guerlain perfumer set his sights on the great Guerlain classic from 1965, Habit Rouge, to develop it into a new century while remaining faithful to its original values. Habit Rouge L’Eau, like Shalimar Parfum Initial, will be considered a masterpiece of modernization, a great perfume that offers both a composition very different from its predecessor while remaining faithful to its “rider” spirit.

Habit Rouge L’Eau will be created in such a way as to introduce the great classic to men (and women for that matter) who would not have been convinced by the powerful oriental scents of the first opus. Some specialists claim to this effect that Thierry Wasser almost inverted the proportions between oriental scents and flowery scents, thus creating for Habit Rouge a citrus flowery scent , the opposite of Habit Rouge.

“With the original Habit Rouge scent, comes the alchemy of aesthetic and modern freshness. Habit Rouge L’Eau revives the finery of the historic version and in particular the fresh facets highlighted by new, unexpected notes. »Guerlain for Habit Rouge l’Eau.

Anyway, Habit Rouge l’Eau will be offered in 2011 in the same equestrian world as Habit Rouge in 1965. The man and the horse are still facing each other, they would seem to be defying each other but not. They play on their similarities, they are accomplices. Of course, the Habit Rouge l’Eau man is of refined elegance, like his predecessors. On the other hand, the felted universe of the film for Habit Rouge l’Eau is new. Very aesthetic, this duo between man and animal is grandiose, just like the realization of Thierry Wasser!

Habit Rouge l’Eau as a fresh return to the great Guerlain classic

The Habit Rouge l’Eau bottle has retained the original shape of its 1965 elder, however the glass is less faceted to reveal only the beauty of the pure and raw juice, without artifice. On the other hand, the cabochon has been, like the composition, reworked in a very modern way where red and steel merge in a powerful revival.

Habit Rouge l’Eau opens with a very original accord built between a powerful and invigorating bitter orange and a bright and fresh hazelnut accord. At the heart, jasmine and rose are magnified to make themselves more resplendent than ever in this beautiful masculine scent. Finally, the greedy and languid vanilla will marry beautiful notes of patchouli to better envelop in sensuality the elegant and refined rider of Habit Rouge L’Eau.
“Habit Rouge L’Eau, an exquisite duality between sensuality and freshness. »Guerlain for Habit Rouge l’Eau.

Created in 1965, Habit Rouge was the first spicy woody oriental.

This daring composition with sensual vanilla notes revolutionized the world of perfumery. In a few years, it became one of the emblems of Maison Guerlain .

Guerlain - Habit Rouge L'Eau
Guerlain – Habit Rouge L’Eau

46 years later, Thierry Wasser , Guerlain perfumer, brings a contemporary breath to the great Habit Rouge, by composing:

Habit Rouge L’EAU

1965, once upon a time there was a myth…
2011 the story continues…

Habit Rouge L’EAU – Guerlain:

Habit Rouge L'Eau - Bottle and Case
Habit Rouge L’Eau – Bottle and Case

The new creation partly retains the inimitable style of the legendary Habit Rouge, while giving it new impetus. More relaxed, delicately refreshed, it nonetheless remains faithful to the chic codes of yesteryear, like an olfactory link between yesterday and today.

Une même histoire contée différemment, qui reste fidèle à l’esprit du cavalier du temps passé.

Deux temps, deux mesures, deux créations.

Parfum – Habit Rouge L’EAU :

Une interprétation accessible, fraîche et modernisée de la signature olfactive Habit Rouge, allégées des notes cuirées.

Une tête lumineuse et dynamique : note fraîche de noisetier.
Un coeur brillant : note de jasmin transparent.
Un fond sensuel et enveloppant : patchouli et vanille.

Parfum Homme

Famille Olfactive : Oriental – Frais

Notes de Tête : Note de Noisetier.

Notes de Coeur : Jasmin Transparent.

Notes de Fond : Vanille, Patchouli.

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