Guerlain KissKiss from Paris makeup palette

Guerlain palette KissKiss from Paris
Guerlain palette KissKiss from Paris

Give your mouth more intensity with Kisskiss From Paris by Guerlain

Contouring is a technique well known to makeup specialists. It allows you to play with shadows and light to give more structure to part of the face. This time, the contouring has been adapted by Guerlain to your mouth. The Kisskiss From Paris palette will allow you to play with colors to create an effect of volume and intensity on your lips. Focus on this new makeup technique!

The Kisskiss From Paris palette

The Kisskiss From Paris palette contains an assembly of four colors. Moreover, it is available in two different shades, rather pinkish or rather red, enough to satisfy all your desires … Each palette contains a light color which constitutes the slippery base of your make-up. A more imposing square is located on the right of the Kisskiss From Paris palette. This is the color of the main lipstick. The two shades in the middle, on the other hand, are used for contouring and will allow you to create light or shadows on your mouth to give it more volume. Also note that each formula from the Kisskiss From Paris palette is enriched with almond butter. Thus, these products guarantee optimal hydration and comfort for your mouth.. Two brushes are also provided by Guerlain to facilitate application.

The application of Kisskiss From Paris

To properly apply your Kisskiss From Paris , start by applying the lighter smoothing base over your entire mouth. Then, draw the outline of your lips with the darkest shade. Now apply the major shade of your Kisskiss From Paris all over your mouth. Finish your makeup by depositing the lightest color in the center of your lips.