Guerlain – New Shalimar ad

Guerlain - New Shalimar ad
Guerlain – New Shalimar ad

Guerlain perfumes have just unveiled a brand new ad of their legendary Shalimar perfume

Shalimar Pub 2013

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The most beautiful love story of all time

We find the magnificent Natalia Vodianova more beautiful than ever in this new advertisement for the perfume Shalimar by Guerlain.

Guerlain - New Shalimar Pub 2013
Guerlain – New Shalimar Pub 2013

The sensuality of the beautiful Natalia, the wide open spaces and the fantastic decorations of 17th century India invite us to travel in the magical history of Shalimar perfume.

Guerlain’s new Shalimar perfume ad will be on TV on August 28.

Expect to find Natalia Vodinova like you’ve never seen her before !!!

Guerlain Shalimar – Commercial with Natalia Vodianova

Guerlain - New Shalimar 2013 ad
Guerlain – New Shalimar 2013 ad

Here is the story that Maison Guerlain tells us:

Guerlain – The Gardens of Shalimar

“Once upon a time in India there was a love story between a Mughal emperor and his beloved wife. In the 17th century, troubadours immortalized the loves of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal on their sitars. A true story, become legend, exalted and magnified. This all-powerful emperor cultivated in the secrecy of his heart, an unspeakable passion for his divine wife. In order to protect their love, Mumtaz resided in a palace far from the tumult and chaos of the world, surrounded by magnificent gardens, called Shalimar.

Guerlain Shalimar – A love story

To reach her Shah Jahan had to cross arid steppes surrounded by blue mountains. When he closed his eyes, he imagined her getting ready like an odalisque. He divined the precious silk carpets, the brocade cushions, his maids throwing armfuls of flowers in his bath. He could see her golden hair, could gently stroke the texture of her skin and smell her scent. Images of Her were popping up. One breast. An ankle. Neck. Nothing but the earlobe, the shoulder, his mouth still. Faster, faster, find her. Suddenly conches howled in the vibrating air, silencing the shrill cry of the peacocks, he reached the goal of his journey… the Gardens of Shalimar.

Shalimar by Guerlain - Natalia Vodianova
Shalimar by Guerlain – Natalia Vodianova

It was then that he saw her goddess among the goddesses in the midst of the flaming people. He could hear the clicking of his bracelets. Her gold-embroidered sari rustled over her slender, supple figure. Finally, he saw her face and, as if so much beauty and emotion were overwhelming him, lowered his eyelids. She stood in front of him, not speaking. He took all his time to detail, savor the necklace adorned with pearls long and deep in the hollow of the breasts, guessing the secret of its voluptuous wake. This love, which they experienced as a perpetual celebration, plunged them into an elsewhere where only the moment counted. This loving moment that Shah Jahan wanted to immortalize… He dragged her to the shores of the lake.

Guerlain Shalimar – Absolute Love

Not an egret in flight, not a movement in the water as she boarded a light, flat-bottomed craft. The whole universe seemed to be holding its breath, when before their eyes, the water parted and four spikes pierced the surface. They slowly ascended to the sky revealing four white marble domes, perched on minarets streaming with crystal clear water which framed a gigantic dome of immaculate marble. Openwork facades as if embroidered in stone, galleries with elegant arcades of doors, balustrades inlaid with semi-precious stones… an entire palace springs from the waters. An extraordinary present. The Taj Mahal will make fun of Time and become a “wonder” admired by the whole world. ”

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