Glen Luchford in partnership with Calvin Klein for a CK Everyone commercial

Glen Luchford in partnership with Calvin Klein for an advertisement
Glen Luchford in partnership with Calvin Klein for an advertisement

CK Everyone by Calvin Klein, in an ad synonymous with discussion and sharing

Famous American stylist, Calvin Klein launched his fashion house at the end of the 60s. Then, it was in 1985 that he decided to turn to perfumery, always preserving his very minimalist and refined style. In this context, in the middle of the 90s, Calvin Klein gave birth to a fragrance that has now become cult: CK One. To celebrate its entry into the year 2020, Calvin Klein presents a new variant of its scent, now called CK Everyone . Synonymous with sharing and authenticity, this fragrance is revealed in a unique advertisement by Glen Luchford.

CK Everyone, a fresh scent in a sleek bottle

As always, CK Everyone comes in a very clean and minimalist bottle, the style of which is simply inspired by a water bottle. Transparent and limpid, this bottle is simply decorated with an elastic band, reminiscent of Calvin Klein underwear. A bit sassy, ​​this little accessory suggests that Calvin Klein men or women go to the essentials, without bothering with the superfluous …
On the scent side, CK Everyone is signed by perfumer Alberto Morillas. It all starts with a delicious aroma of orange and ginger, followed by more aquatic notes in its heart. Gradually warming up, CK Everyone ends with a vibrant energy of cedar, amber, musk and patchouli. It should be noted, in passing, that this elixir claims to be a vegan fragrance, designed mainly from ingredients of natural origin, in the purest respect for the environment.

Glen Luchford in partnership with Calvin Klein

Here, to carry out its advertisement, Calvin Klein called upon the photographer Glen Luchford. A well-known portrait painter in the fashion world, this talented artist can boast of having photographed the biggest stars, for renowned brands such as Prada, Yves Saint-Laurent, Gucci, Lanvin or even Chloé. Frequently collaborating with prestigious magazines such as Vogue or Vanity Fair, he also exhibits his creations in prestigious museums, such as MoMA in New York or the Getty in Los Angeles.

CK Everyone’s unisex ad

Ici, Glen Luchford a choisi de mettre en scène tout un collectif de mannequins, de musiciens et d’artistes. Sa publicité expose de jeunes gens souriants, se mêlant les uns aux autres, tout en mettant en avant les plus belles qualités de leurs partenaires : « I love his originality », « I love their smile », « I love his energy » … Ces phrases pleines d’amour sont prononcées par les différentes égéries de Calvin Klein, tout en s’affichant en rouge à l’écran. CK Everyone s’offre une publicité particulièrement originale et dynamique, mettant notamment en avant les mannequins Cara Taylor, Eliot Summer, Priddy The Opp et Evan Mock. Plus que jamais, CK Everyone célèbre la multiplicité, la pluralité et la liberté d’aimer. En s’enlaçant et en s’échangeant des compliments, la jeunesse de Calvin Klein semble plus épanouie que jamais !