Guerlain Beauty Cream Cleansing Cream

Guerlain Beauty Cream Cleansing Cream
Guerlain Beauty Cream Cleansing Cream

A true symbol of French luxury, the Guerlain house is one of the oldest. For two centuries, the Guerlain house has sublimated women thanks to a unique know-how. Thierry Wasser is the worthy successor of 4 generations of perfumers who have written the history of Guerlain perfumery. All different, but also all daring, each Guerlain perfumer has left his mark at the heart of the brand, while exploring, in each era, new olfactory territories. In 2017, Guerlain reopened its doors at 356, rue Saint Honoré, showcasing the unique richness of the Guerlain house . Here, the brand presents its “Crème de Beauté Cleansing Cream”.

Get a perfect make-up removal with Guerlain Beauty Cream Cleansing Cream

Guerlain “Crème de Beauté Cleansing Cream” was created more than a century after the “Crème Secret de Bonne Femme”. The new Crème Démaquillante Crème de Beauté is a make-up remover with ultimate well-being. A moment of pure well-being, this “make-up-massage” is a real beauty break that removes make-up and all the impurities deposited on your face throughout the day. The smoothness and generosity of this creamy balm make each use a pure moment of pleasure. As with all of its skincare products, Guerlain personalizes them thanks to a developed scent signature. Your Guerlain Beauty Cream will then envelop your skin in a delicate fragrance blending the purity of white tea, the comforting freshness of musky notes and a delicate touch of jasmine.

Guerlain, Crème de Beauté Cleansing Cream, application advice and tests

To get the best out of your Guerlain Cleansing Cream, it is advisable to apply it in the evening to the face and neck, massaging with your fingertips to remove makeup. Then rinse off with lukewarm water or remove the cream with a cotton ball or a tissue to remove make-up. For eye make-up removal, it is recommended to use “Beauté des Yeux”. After self-assessment tests on 30 women, with a twice-daily application for 4 weeks, it was found that the
skin is nourished and comfortable for 9 out of 10 women,
The skin is hydrated + 34%, 6 hours after application,
The skin is nourished and comfortable for 9 out of 10 women. skin is smoother for 29% of women.

Guerlain, “Crème de Beauté Crème Démaquillante” is a make-up removing cream of a new era. More than a simple make-up removal, it is a beauty ritual that the prestigious Guerlain house offers you.